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Foobar is a lite audio player, maybe one of the most original ones tanks to its extremely simple interface.

We are used to difficult and full featured skins with multiple options that in most cases are never used, but you feel like if you didn’t know how to use the simple player.

Foobar is the reverse of that coin, Foobar2000 normal bets for simplicity and easiness, so you can listen to your music without having to see lots of useless buttons which will not be used by you.

It is housed in a one-window interface, including the options well ordered, you can choose from the variety of options (which is not all) but you will only find useful tools and options.

In addition it includes a playlist manager and doesn’t need to be installed.
foobar2000 is the perfect music player for nostalgic types

The years go by but some things stay the same: foobar2000 remains as relevant as ever. This user favorite among music players for Windows has also got an Android version that has nothing to envy the original software. This music player stands out for its sound quality and old-school look.
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